I typically am not a cautious person. However, for some reason when I "pay at the pump" at any gas station I always think to myself... I wonder if there is a skimmer here?" The next thought I have is "Nahhhh... not in Amarillo."

My intuition may have been right! Last week in Amarillo 8 credit/debt skimmers were found in Amarillo. According to police, there were all found at the Murphy's at Walmart on 4209 Canyon Drive last Monday.

If you have gotten Gas there before November 26th authorities are asking that you check your statements for unusual activity and report it if needed. Investigations are underway for 8 people that come forward it unusual charges, and they are confirming it is due to the skimmers.

Murphy's Gas Station policy is to check the pumps every 30 days for skimmers after the incident management says that they will beef up the security.

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