There are some legitimate people trying to see you their stuff here in Amarillo off the local Facebook pages. There are a lot of good people. The problem is like everything else there are bad people too. The ones trying to make a quick buck off of you.

The thing is we are quick to call them out for what they do. If you have been following the Amarillo TX Buy Sell and Trade page you may have been following this story too. Someone was trying to buy a couch. They found a great deal. Turns out the deal was too good to be true. There was no couch. Another person bought a dryer from this same person. Guess what? There was no dryer.

This person trying to sell her stuff took the money from buyers and led them on a search for their stuff. From one Facebook buyer they found out the address had nothing to do with the seller, at all, they ended up at some poor old ladies house.

its a fake address my buddy went and there was about 6 others there waiting also, cops got there and found a old lady on a respirator and the couch wasnt there she doesnt have a Facebook either...

credit: Amarillo TX Buy Sell and Trade page
credit: Amarillo TX Buy Sell and Trade page

I don't understand how so many people are falling for these scams. I get it, you want your item but why pay before you have even seen the product. Waiting to pay will save you a lot of grief. I would also always suggest meeting at a safe location. I usually meet people at Market Street United. An open parking lot with a lot of people.

Amarillo people you need to do better. Don't be the type of person that scams others. Don't use a poor old ladies house as your fake address. Who does that. Again, there are real legitimate stuff that people are trying to sell. Just do your research and make sure they are real. Good luck out there.

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