I just don't get people. Why do we have to have people out there that ruin all of the fun for everyone? The scammers of the world. I just wish we could get rid of them all. It would be a dream come true.

Really you can't do anything anymore without worrying about bad people trying to scam you. You have to be leery of everyone. You have to be afraid to click on emails. You have to worry about replying to a text because it could be a scam.

Every phone call you receive you have to worry. Is this really my bank? Are they trying to steal my information? You end up seeing this time and time again. It's really one of the things I hate about technology. It has helped the bad guys come up with more ways to steal our money or our information.

Heck, we can't even have fun and try to win contests anymore. This was proven over the weekend with Tascosa Drive-In. They tried to have fun and run a contest. They tried to give away a prize.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Of course, the bad guys had to ruin the fun. They had to come back and take down their contest. According to their Facebook page:

This weeks giveaway has been taken off because of a miscreant loser is running a scam and asking people for finical information in order to clam prize. TASCOSA NEVER ASKS FOR YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO WIN A CONTEST. TDI never charges a winner, hence the word Giveaway.

It seems the "losers" were messaging several winners and asking for information they should not have been. Even trying to get money. Why? Can people just not make an honest living and let us go back to not worrying about so much?

Always know if you enter a contest and they want money from you to claim a prize. It is a scam. If they start asking for ridiculous amounts of personal information it could also be a scam. Let's all be safe out there.

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