On July 14, a group of Nashville-based songwriters will release Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest, a collaborative benefit album. Among those involved in the project is folk singer-songwriter Derek Webb, who has reworked and re-recorded his song "A Savior on Capitol Hill;" below, The Boot's readers can get an advance listen to the updated version of the tune.

Originally released in 2007 on Webb's The Ringing Bell album, "A Savior on Capitol Hill" laments the nature of politics: "As long as the lobbyists are payin' their bills / Oh, we'll never have a savior on Capitol Hill." The original version of the song is more of a general indictment, but for Strange Freedom, Webb re-wrote a few lines in the back half of the track to specifically call out President Donald Trump. The 2017 version of the song is also more stripped back than the original.

“I was thrilled to re-write and update "A Savior on Capital Hill" for Strange Freedom," Webb tells The Boot. "I wrote the song 10 years ago, but funny the things that don’t change. [I'm] honored to be in such distinguished company at a moment when self-expression is of peak importance.”

Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest came to fruition after Americana singer-songwriter Matt Haeck -- inspired by a song on the album he was producing for Rayvon Pettis -- asked his Facebook friends to help assemble "an album of love and protest." With a bit of money from a donor, Haeck and the Wild Ponies' Doug Williams booked studio time and asked some of those who had responded to Haeck's Facebook post to come in and record. In addition to Webb, Haeck and the Wild Ponies, Strange Freedom also features Mary Gauthier performing an alternate version of her song "Mercy Now;" Radney Foster's recent "All That I Require;" and more.

Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest will be released via Cafe Rooster Records, an independent label. The artists involved in the project collectively decided to donate all of the proceeds from the disc to Planned Parenthood. Readers can visit CafeRoosterRecords.com for more information.

Listen to Derek Webb's Updated Version of "A Savior on Capitol Hill"

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