Jason Aldean isn't just a country superstar, it turns out he's also a comedian. At Taste of Country Festival in early June, the singer shared his celebrity impression of Luke Bryan.

"I don't know if I do any good ones," Aldean admits when asked if he could do any impressions. But he wasn't telling the whole truth.

"I mean, I have my Luke Bryan impersonation," he adds in the video above, slipping into a not-too-shabby approximation of Bryan's voice and finishing with, "Hey guys!"

Aldean and Bryan are, of course, good friends and collaborators, and they share their Georgia roots in common, so Aldean's impression is just meant as good-natured ribbing for one of his buddies. In fact, Bryan has been the target of Aldean's humor in public before; in 2015 Aldean came across an old picture from Bryan's poofy-haired past in a restaurant and tweeted a picture of himself mocking the pose, adding the hashtags #glamorshot and #wecantbefriendsanymore.

Aldean spoke to us at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival, and he was just one of the country stars to share their celebrity impressions with us backstage. We shared some of them in a video on Wednesday (June 28) with the faces obscured, but we can tell you that all of the stars who participated were on the bill at ToC Fest.

Nine stars in total gave us their best impressions, which included impersonations of Aldean himself, Shakira, Bill Clinton and Harry Carey. ToC will be rolling out some of the other impressions over the next few days.

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