The Texas panhandle is a place full of interesting, and sometimes odd, places to visit. There's Cadillac Ranch and the handful of tributes to it with things half-buried in the ground. We have a massive canyon, and tons of ghost towns.

But did you ever make the trip to see the gators in Spearman?

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Gators In The Texas Panhandle

Spearman, TX is a small town. It's home to just over 3,000 people. While you would be forgiven for thinking there isn't much to it beyond being a rural panhandle town, you'd be wrong.

Spearman is the home of the Texas Alligator Ranch.

Living in southeast Texas, it wasn't out of the ordinary to come across a gator from time to time. When I moved to the backside of the desert in the Texas panhandle, I never expected to find them here.


The ranch was home to some massive gators. In '09 headlines were made when a gator named King George came to reside at the ranch.

King George was nine feet and seven inches of gator, weighing in at 320 pounds.

An Eye Catching Attraction You'd Never Expect To See

There's a lot to take in and process. There's a disembodied nose of a plane with the words "Texas Alligator Ranch" circling a cartoon alligator, cowboy hat and all.


There's a totum pole guarding the property. You'll even see the Hole In The Wall hostel.

Funny thing is, that's what the structure is. It's a wall. It looks like there's a tin structure attached to one end of the wall, leading one to believe that's where the hole is.


Speaking of, there's the Rest Ashore yacht on the property. It was part of bed-and-breakfast plans for the property at one point in time.

What Happened To The Ranch?

This is where things get a bit murky. While trying to find out as much as I could about the Texas Alligator Ranch, I came across very little.

There's no website I could find. No social media profiles turned up in searches. There's nothing, except this article from June 24 of this year saying that the ranch is closed.

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