The Texas Panhandle is a very unique part of the world, where very unique things happen.

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We have so many different things here in the Texas Panhandle.  We have land as flat and as far as the eye can see, yet we have a giant canyon in the middle of it all.

This area even though it is brown most of the year and people say it's ugly, it truly is a beautiful sight to see.  In fact, we have some of the most amazing phenomena happening in our area.  Yes, some phenomena include a bunch of UFO sightings, but we have had many other things happen in our area.

About two months ago, someone snapped a picture of a weather phenomenon that happened north of Pampa.  Weird things always happen in Pampa, it's a weird town (I'm just kidding, or am I? 😂).

OK so maybe it isn't a weather phenomenon.  It's fog on the ground or low-level clouds.  I'm not a meteorologist, but what I do know for sure, it's an amazingly beautiful sight.  It's something that one doesn't see around the Texas Panhandle every day.  It looks like someone topped the land with a tub of whipped topping.

One explanation I found about this wave of clouds flowing over this piece of land was:

One Reddit user described the sight as:

Looks like someone put a [expletive deleted]load of dish soap in a fountain.

Very cool.

Other comments included:

It looks like an avalanche.


It looks like the end of the world.

Cotton mountains, I love the imagination in that description.  Then end of the world?  Eh, probably not, but now I can't stop thinking about the movie The Mist.  Ahhhhhh, run!!!!

Whatever you see in this picture and what comes to mind, it is a beautiful phenomenon.

It's almost as if a master artist and their paintbrush painted the most beautiful scene.

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