Dierks Bentley is a longtime Nashville Predators fan -- but he clearly also knows that a bet is a bet, and when you lose, you have to pay up. After making a friendly wager during the 2017 Stanley Cup Final series that pitted the Preds against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Bentley had to wear a Penguins jersey onstage at a recent concert outside of Pittsburgh.

Back in early June, during the Preds vs. Pens series, Bentley responded to a tweet from a DJ at Pittsburgh radio station Y108, offering the country star a deal: If the Predators won the Stanley Cup, the DJ would wear a Preds T-shirt for a photo before Bentley's concert in the area; if the Penguins won, Bentley had to wear a Pens T-shirt for the photo. Bentley took the bet, and noted that "if needed (big, big emphasis on IF)," he wanted his shirt to have No. 30 -- which belongs to Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray -- on it.

On June 11, the Pittsburgh Penguins won Game 6 of their Stanley Cup Final series vs. the Nashville Predators, in Nashville, winning the series four games to two and taking home the Stanley Cup. So, on Saturday night (June 24), at his Pittsburgh-area What the Hell World Tour stop, Bentley paid his debt -- but, rather than simply wearing a T-shirt for a photo, he donned a Penguins jersey onstage. Prior to the show, Y108 tweeted out a photo showing that Murray had given the station an autographed jersey for Bentley to wear; the inscription reads, "To Dierks: It's all your fault!"

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After the show, Bentley shared the above video on social media, showing himself and his crew in a pre-show huddle. Although the chant they start with would usually end with "YOU SUCK!," Bentley turns around and says, "Actually, you won."

"You won, and I appreciate the jersey," the singer says, "and now I have to go onstage and wear this thing."

Video from Bentley's Pittsburgh-area concert shows him wearing the jersey while performing his newest single, "What the Hell Did I Say." As the song ends, he tells the crowd, "Hey, a bet's a bet. I lost, you guys won. Soak it up!"

Murray, too, saw the results of the bet: "This is awesome. Looks good on you!" he tweeted in reply to Bentley's huddle video. "Huge fan of yours btw! Haha, hope you enjoy the new jersey."

During the Nashville Predators 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs run, Bentley was one of the country stars who performed the National Anthem prior to the team's home games. He was also cheering on the team during their home games -- even when he was on vocal rest.

“It was definitely surreal,” Bentley says of his Anthem-singing experience. “It goes from being very loud, crazy loud, and so many moving things to, you walk out there, it’s dead quiet … It feels like you’re walking into a painting.”

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