Is $2400 enough to give up all your tech for 24 hours? It's the Digital Detox challenge but before you start counting your winnings, it seems this challenge has a limited number of participants. Let's take a closer look at the new online challenge that has been getting more attention all week long.

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TechTimes has a nice recap of the rules of the Digital Detox challenge that I first started hearing about on Monday of this week. The company that produced the video above,, has an opportunity for two contestants to earn $2400 by completing the challenge. Many of us have considered paying stupid amounts of money to make our phones stop ringing incessantly, but says they'll find one contestant in America and one from outside the US. You can click here to actually enter the challenge. The last day to enroll is March 26th. will then start announcing contestants.

Based on the amount of time we spend burning our eyes out in front of screens in the field of digital media, I'm sure most people would gladly sign up for a break from technology if it involved a cash prize or not. Think of how many times you check your phone each day? Maybe 200 times? How many calls or texts do you get every day? Those gentlemen keep calling about your automobile warranty and all. says 3 out of 4 Americans are flat out addicted to their phones. Average Americans spend about 56 hours a week watching television. No wonder things are the way they are these days.

If you enroll and are selected, you'll get the official title of "2021 Digital Detox Challanger", they'll even send you a safe to safely lock your digital self inside of to assure the challenge lasts 24 hours without you sneaking a peek at a screen. They even offer an Amazon gift card to help you put together a non-digital survival kit. Ha! Here's a bunch of money for some online shopping so that you can take a break from being online. Good luck to all who enter. With so much to see and do in South Texas, you'll be glad you got rid of your phone for a day. Maybe take a digital holiday in the name of mental health, regardless if you get paid for it.

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