The long-running reality series on the discovery channel featuring Mike Rowe, had him in all kinds of icky occupations from a roadkill cleaner to maggot farmer and sheep castrator.

Dirty Jobs had 171 episodes over 10 years, but that was not enough to keep it around longer. Now it would be difficult to imagine a future that does not involve exploding toilets, venomous snakes, misadventures with animals, and feces from every species.

As for Discovery they had no comment on the cancellation, but the ratings have declined in the past years, even with Rowe's public profile climbing with endorsement deals he had known about the cancellation for weeks now. As for seeing the next episode of Dirty Jobs, it won't happen as the 12th of September was the last airing episode.

So is this one of the Shows that will be missed or is it another one bites the dust?

the excavatrix @ flickr