Spring is officially here, but not technically.  I like to say Spring has reached Amarillo when the baby chicks show up at the local feed stores.

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That is happening right now, baby chicks and ducks are showing up and chirping their way into our hearts.

I was in Gebo's the other day and I wanted to leave with all the chicks and all the ducks. I just wished I had a place to take them. Of course I wanted all the ones who looked like they were getting beat up because they need their own space. Then I went to Tractor Supply with the family to grab something and they had all their baby chicks and ducks. I need a place to have chickens and ducks.

I remember helping my grandmother raise chickens. I remember helping her rotate the eggs ever so often when they were in the incubator, then when we saw the first crack in the shell. I would hear her tell me, "leave them be Lori, they have to get out on their own." Then when they were all hatched, putting them in a cardboard box with hay and feed and a warming light until they were big enough to take to the chicken coup. Mind you I played with and named all of them.

What I wouldn't give to have chickens again. That was a fun learning experience as a child, but I don't have a farm to raise chickens and ducks like my grandparents.

And according to the Robinson's Family Feed Store Facebook:
🐥🐣Chicks have arrived🐣🐥
Easter Eggers Pullets- $4.50
Rhode Island Reds Pullets- $3.99
Assorted Bantams St Run- $4.99
Ducks St Run- $7.99
-White Perkin

Can you own chickens in the City of Amarillo?

You can own chickens in Amarillo, but you can only have 4 chickens per every quarter acre you own.

I know Easter is around the corner and a chick seems like a cute gift, but remember those chicks grow into full grown chickens.  Make sure you have the ability and the supplies to take care of a chicken before you consider buying one as a gift.

I so want a chicken or two or four.  Backyard chickens!  I mean I could build a coop and a fence to keep the dogs out.  Bonus, all the eggs I want!  Who's with me?

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