If you work downtown, you might actually like coronavirus. Why the heck would I make a crazy statement like that? The reason I say that is because the city had suspend the paid parking requirements throughout the downtown area. However, that is all about to change starting on July 6. Amarillo City officials temporarily suspended the requirements for on-street, paid parking and timed-parking on March 19 due to the coronavirus.

The paid parking program has been in place for just a little over a year. In March of 2019, ParkMobile installed the paid parking system in which users access a mobile app on their phone to pay for their parking spot. I have used the system several times and it is very easy. I recommend if you don't have the app yet, get the ParkMobile app so when you are downtown you can quickly make your transaction.

The previous rates before the suspension will go back into affect. Paid downtown parking is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The required fee is $1 per hour. The paid parking boundary is from S.E. Third Ave. to the north; S. Johnson Street to the east; S.E. 10th to the south and S. Taylor to the west (between Fourth Ave. and Ninth Ave.). If you are unsure if you are in an area where you need to pay, the app can help you determine your location as well as green ParkMobile signs placed in paid parking areas.


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