It seems that more and more door-to-door salesman are popping up in Amarillo.  Most of them are legit however some are not.  It seems that door-to-door scams are taking over and frankly it seems to be getting worse.

Cameron Whitman

I love Spring and I usually keep my door open in the afternoon early evening to let the sun and an so we can enjoy the beauty.  However, since I have been recently been doing this, I keep having to answer the door to someone who is trying to sell me something.  It seems that half of the salesman are trying to sell me a security system.

Of course I tell these people I'm not interested, and I'm polite when I do it.  However, it annoys me when they get upset because I shut them down.  Either way, I understand that they are just doing their job.

However, it seems that some of these people are not doing their job, they are trying to scam innocent people.

Door to door salesman must carry a door-to-door sales permit with them at all times.  If they are asked to show that permit they are required to do so.

So you have to use your best judgement when dealing with people when they knock on your door.