The April 14th deadline for expired Licenses and Registrations has come and gone and not all of us were fortunate enough to take care of business. Yeah, life happens our schedule and the state's may not line up. I'm in no hurry to get pulled over just like you are but there's still hope for procrastinators like us.

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The Governor granted the waiver back in March of last year to close offices due to COVID-19. Even now it's not as simple as just walking in, although if you do they will do the best they can to help you. The new norm at least for the time being is setting an appointment and talking to a few folks who have done it already, It's so much better because you're not killing half your day sitting in those horrible chairs waiting for your number to be called. Part of that appointment process though is getting a temporary permit that is good until you can get in that will hold you over should you get pulled over. I know you're a good driver though so that ain't gonna happen right?

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The good news is even with all the changes that have taken place the costs and requirements to renew haven't changed. DPS is even offering expanded hours for a bit to help out and make it easier for you to get things taken care of which includes 7am to 7pm Monday through Thursday and 7am to 5:30 on Friday. If you want to renew online you can do so by clicking here

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