I was jazzed (pun intended) when I moved to Amarillo and saw the signs downtown about a soon-to-be-opened jazz club. Esquire sounded like it would be my kind of place to hang out.

Unfortunately, Esquire will be closing after their big New Year's Eve party tomorrow night.

The Esquire Facebook page puts it this way:

the demands of our other businesses, and our need to be able to easily travel to our large, far-flung family, require us to cut the project short.

Esquire did something incredibly ambitious. Not only were they opening yet another venue in Amarillo, but they were putting their focus on styles and genres you don't see represented very often.

They also brought in artists that probably wouldn't have had any other place to play in our city, giving us all a chance to experience something unique.

To the owners, I applaud your efforts. I have sat having my morning coffee and overheard you having conversations about your club. What your hopes were. What you were wanting to accomplish.

I've sat having late night diner breakfast and overheard conversations you've had with a band you brought in.

You always seemed passionate, and in those moments when I was sitting a table or two away you were always a real class act.

Esquire is going to be missed, but it's not all bad news.

Their customer base is already rallying trying to figure out who will fill those shoes.


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