Texas is home to some very unique people and some unique items.  There is a vehicle in Euless, Texas that looks as if it belongs in a movie with Michael J. Fox.

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Google Maps and or Google Earth can be a fun adventure and sometimes you can find the most unique things while scouring the maps.

Someone in Euless, Texas wants to go back to the future.

There is a car parked at a home that resembles the car from Back to the Future.  However, at closer inspection, it isn't the car from Back to the Future.


First, of all the Back to the Future car was a DeLorean where the doors opened from bottom to top, better known as gull-wing doors.

Universal Pictures via YouTube
Universal Pictures via YouTube

This car looks to be a Nissan 300ZX from the 80s, however, my car knowledge is limited. It's almost as if someone thought they could build their very own time machine with whatever car they had on hand.  I guess this car was close enough to a DeLorean.


I have so many questions:

  • Does the inside have a Flux Capacitor?
  • Does it run off plutonium or garbage?
  • Will it even get to 88 mph?
  • What year were they wanting to travel to?
  • Is there or was there a clock tower in Euless?
  • Was this just a fun car that they thought would pass as the Back to the Future car?

This would be the Back to the Future car ordered off Wish.

No matter what the purpose of the car it's fun to see and to know that someone was trying to make their own time machine or was trying to do something interesting to a car.

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