It has been an emotional ride watching the news regarding Amarillo Poker Club. First, there was the excitement of the club opening. Then, the disappointment of finding out that it wasn't going to be allowed to happen. Recently, we found out that the club would be opening.

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May Is The Magical Month For Amarillo Poker Club

If you're anxious to take your place around the felt, May 6 is the date you want to mark on your calendar. That is according to social media posts by Amarillo Poker Club.

 It's exciting for a couple of reasons. One, we poker enthusiasts finally have a place in town where we can go and enjoy ourselves. No more traveling for hours just to hang out with some people who share a love for the game.

Two, it's a real-life underdog story.

Now we are waiting on news that the city has done its final inspection. If there are no problems, Amarillo Poker Club will open on May 6. Keeping my poker-loving fingers crossed that it goes well.

The Saga Of Amarillo Poker Club Finally Getting Its Happy Ending?

When we first started talking about Amarillo Poker Club, it was with excitement. Amarillo was finally joining the rest of Texas and getting a poker club.

That didn't last long, though.

There were several different reasons given for why the club couldn't open. It was heartbreaking.

Next came the petition. It gathered several signatures online in a short amount of time, and everyone kept their fingers crossed.

Here we are now, and finally, it seems that the story will have a happy ending. Amarillo Poker Club will be opening, for now, on May 6. They're located behind Sharkey's in Wellington Square.

Follow this link to keep up with all of the latest info.

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