Faith Hill's father has played an important part in the biggest moments of her life, but as both father and daughter get older, it's the little moments that seem to give them the most joy. The country superstar recently shared one of them that is sure to warm your heart, too.

During a Pickler and Ben segment titled 'Faith’s Holiday Picks' on Nov. 19, Hill was to talk about some of her favorite things at the moment. The first on her list? A video that she had recently taken of her dear father after he fell asleep while eating a sandwich she had made for him.

"My sweet dad is 88 years old now, and he’s the salt of the earth kind of man," she says. "We've always made each other laugh so hard over the silliest things — the kind of laughter that you have in school or church that always gets you in trouble."

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"I had made him a banana sandwich and he fell asleep while he was eating the sandwich,” Hill continues. "He didn’t believe me that he had done that, so I had to show him a picture of himself falling asleep with the sandwich. He started laughing so hard ... this went on for over three minutes."

Hill has footage of their gigglefest, and it will make your day.

"If we can have that kind of laughter every day ... it just makes you feel good," Hill insists, and the hosts agreed.

The interview also included Hill talking about her and hubby Tim McGraw's plans for the holidays, including some little touches that are a big part of their decorating: "An angel that (McGraw’s) mom gave us years ago right after we got married goes on top of the tree," she says.

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