Wow! There have been so many inspirational stories about our local firefighters going above and beyond. Last week I told you a story about the Dalhart firefighters saving a dog from a grain bin.

This week the Amarillo Fire department help repair a blind man's house.

After battling glaucoma for 30 years, Lovell Smith lost his vision in 2005. Despite his visual handicap, he was determined to be a good homeowner still. Smith realized that his roof was leaking and tried to repair the damage himself. Se understood the risk but knew the work needed to be done. While attempting to repair the leaky room, Smith became stuck and had to call 911 for help.

When Amarillo Fire Fighters arrived on the scene, they helped the Lovell Smith down to safety. After the Fire Fighters left, they got together and made a packed to come back and fix the roof for Smith.

Here is some fantastic footage KVII News Channel 7 caught for us!

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