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Things are worse than you might think in Lamesa.

My first indication that I personally wasn't understanding the scope of the damage in Lamesa was the report that an aid station was being set up. This told me that things were a little more serious than broken trees and downed powerlines. It turns out I was correct and put the word out for some first hand accounts of what was going on.

We have reports from a couple of listeners. The first is a harrowing report from someone who drove into town five minutes after the weather event and, I guess I have to say, "possible" tornados. The scene this gentleman describes is incredibly intense.

Next is a gentleman whose family actually set up an aid station and is passing out supplies from local retailers like Tractor Supply, United Supermarkets, and even Pizza Hut. Cleanup is obviously a huge endeavor, and it sounds like they could use some volunteers.

Here's Dustyn Williams on coming into town after the storm:

And here's Adam Morris on the aid station set up in Lamesa:

The picture at the top of this article is from Helton Chiropractic. That's what used to be their roof. Below is a picture from a resident that shows the house across the street flooded. We all tend to focus on the debris, but the standing water and flooding are equally terrible.

A. Rendon

Our sister station KFYO News has additional photos and videos of the weather event collected here.

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021

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