Not since the great toilet paper and coin shortages of 2020 have we paid such close attention to supply chains. Prepare yourself, it looks like we might be in for a booze shortage in 2021.

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Over the weekend, I went to pick up a bottle of my wife's favorite wine. It had been on back order for a few weeks, and I thought surely the store would have some by now. I thought wrong.

Yes, There Is A Global Glass Shortage

This is when I found out about the current glass shortage. The incredibly helpful woman behind the counter is the one who first pointed out to me that the issue a lot of companies are facing is a glass shortage.

According to her, there was no telling when the issue would be resolved. She even mentioned that the store was having a really hard time refreshing her inventory of a popular domestic brand in bottles.

A restaurant I went to afterwards even told me they were having a hard time getting my favorite brand in stock. That included bottles, and draft.

It's More Than Just Glass That We're Short On

Doing a little digging online, one article dug deeper than just merely saying hey everybody, there's a shortage.

In the article, the head of a distributing company was interviewed. He states that the issues he's facing are glass, crowns that hold the bottles in place, and the glue needed to make the bottles. He does point out that the glue that's needed just so happens to be made in China.

Blame The Pandemic, Politics, and Mother Nature

You'll see that there are several factors at play when you start digging into the shortage. Covid-19, tariffs, and natural disasters have all played a role in the shortage.

US Glass Magazine even cited the winter weather event in Texas as having an impact on the current glass shortage.

For now, sip it slow and savor your drink. This shortage could possibly last a while.

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