Things seem even more real when you watch someone firsthand make travels to Ukraine. I mean with everything going on I just couldn't imagine making that trip. My friend, Chelsea, though is all about making a difference.

When I saw his first post I really thought he was kidding.

I mean he is known to do that. Oh no, this was for real. He showed how things really are there right now. Some good, some bad.

All of his experiences he wouldn't change for the world. He wished he could travel to more places in the area but he wasn't allowed. The travel he had was challenging almost every single day.

The highway to Kiev…finally smooth!!! But still have to stop every 10 miles at a military check point…

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I have been following his trip along the way. It was a two-week trip that is about to end this weekend. The people he met.

The food he ate.

The people he met and the help he was able to give. It's just amazing.

The posts that Chelsea shared are amazing.

From the outside it appears things are mostly normal in Lviv, until you hear the air raid sirens go off and see the military on every corner the Red Cross has a big camp outside the Lviv train station to help process everyone through…

credit: Chelsea Furrow
credit: Chelsea Furrow

I understand that they have to live their life. Things have to seem as normal as they can for the people in Ukraine. They have to make sure the kids know what's going on but still be able to live life. It's important to not live in fear even with the current situation.

It has got to be difficult with mornings like this:

Seeing his mission really made me remember that there is a lot of good in the world:

There are some trips in your life that leave a lasting impression. Some families reminisce about their trips to Disney. I have a feeling that this is the trip that will stay in Chelsea's heart forever. He was able to walk the walk and say he actually was there and he did make a difference.

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