I love to watch all the forensic shows on TV.  From CSI to NCIS to Bones.  I love watching the character Angela on Bones reconstruct someone's face from just bones and bone pieces on her trusty awesomely advance computer.  Now I know most of that is created for TV however, I still find it interesting.  That's why  I'm excited to tell you that the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum has a really awesome guest coming next week,  Amanda Danning.

Courtesy of PPHM

Amanda Danning is a forensic sculptor and will be presenting, Written in Bone, on Wednesday, April 16th at the museum.

Amanda will be focusing on "Sam" and a young girl whose 10,000 year old remains were found on the Brazos River.  They were found in a shelter filled with sediment.

Dr. Doug Owsley, head of the physical anthropology department of the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History commissioned Amanda Danning to do the forensic sculpting of the specimen.

You can see what she did and what she learned, Written in Bone, from the bones of "Sam."

Don't miss this exciting opportunity.

Courtesy of PPHM

Wednesday, April 16th from 6p-8p

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum - Hazelwood Lecture Center

Cost: Free for PPHM members,  WTAMU staff and students.  $5 for others

Light refreshments will be served.

Reservations must be made by Monday, April 14th.

To make reservations contact Amy Mitchell  at amitchell@pphm.wtamu.edu or 806-651-2242.