Every year Bahama Bucks has a Free Sno Day where people can get free snow cones on that day. Well, this year, I looked up the map on Bahama Bucks’ website and Amarillo locations are not participating in Free Sno Day.

Say what?!

This is extremely disappointing because who doesn’t like free snow cones? I sure do and it’s heartbreaking Bahama Bucks did this to us this year.

Even if Free Sno Day is one day of the year and is limited to one product per person, Amarillo would love to be included.

I called Bahama Bucks on Bell just to see why Amarillo wasn’t participating this year, and it turns out it’s our fault. Ain’t nobody’s fault but ours. A Bahama Bucks employee informed me that it got WAYYYY out of hand in the previous years.

There’s always going to be people who go a little crazy over something free. Look at it this way, so many people love Bahama Bucks snow cones, that they are willing to do something crazy to get it.

Bahama Bucks, this would have been a perfect gift from y’all to us for the holidays but we made it to the naughty list.

Maybe next year Amarillo. But in the meantime let's go to Lubbock and get one!

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