Every year Texas offers a weekend where you don't have to pay sales tax on back to school supplies and clothing for back to school.  Some exclusions do apply but it gives you a chance to save some money especially if you have more than one child.

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The Texas Sales Tax Free Weekend is Friday, August 5th - Sunday, August 7th

Here's a list of items that are sales tax free.

The following is an all-inclusive list of qualifying school supplies (if priced less than $100):
* Binders
* Book bags
* Calculators
* Cellophane tape
* Blackboard chalk
* Compasses
* Composition books
* Crayons
* Erasers
* Folders; expandable, pocket, plastic, and manila
* Glue, paste and paste sticks
* Highlighters
* Index cards
* Index card boxes
* Legal pads
* Lunch boxes
* Markers
* Notebooks
* Paper; loose leaf ruled notebook paper, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board, and construction paper
* Pencil boxes and other school supply boxes
* Pencil sharpeners
* Pencils
* Pens
* Protractors
* Rulers
* Scissors
* Writing tablets

List of Clothing, Footwear and Backpacks, and Their Exemption Status


* Baby clothes
* Backpacks for use by elementary and secondary students
* Belts with attached buckles
* Boots – cowboy, hiking
* Caps/hats – baseball, fishing, golf, knitted
* Coats and wraps
* Diapers – adult and baby
* Dresses
* Gloves (generally)
* Gym suits and uniforms
* Hooded shirts and hooded sweatshirts
* Hosiery
* Jackets
* Jeans
* Jerseys – baseball and football
* Jogging apparel
* Neckwear and ties
* Pajamas
* Pants and trousers
* Raincoats and ponchos
* Robes
* Shirts
* Shoes – sandals, slippers, sneakers, tennis, walking
* Socks (including athletic)
* Shorts
* Suits, slacks, and jackets
* Sweatshirts
* Sweat suits
* Sweaters
* Swimsuits
* Underclothes
* Work clothes and uniforms


* Accessories (generally) – barrettes, elastic ponytail holders, wallets, watches
* Backpacks – unless for use by elementary and secondary students
* Baseball cleats and pants
* Belt buckles (without belt)
* Boots – climbing, fishing, rubber work boots, ski, waders
* Buttons and zippers
* Cloth and lace, knitting yarns, and other fabrics
* Dry cleaning services
* Football pants
* Golf gloves
* Handbags and purses
* Handkerchiefs
* Hard hats
* Helmets – bike, baseball, football, hockey, motorcycle, sports
* Ice skates
* Jewelry
* Laundering services
* Leather goods – except belts with buckles and wearing apparel
* Pads – football, hockey, soccer, elbow, knee, shoulder
* Personal flotation devices
* Rented clothing (including uniforms, formal wear, and costumes)
* Roller blades and skates
* Safety clothing, glasses
* Shoes – bicycle (cleated), bowling, golf

For an entire list of what is exempt and what isn't, please visit the Texas Comptroller's website here.

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