A new survey by Ebates reveals that 46% of adults dread not being able to afford everything they need for back to school for their kids. Read on for other findings.  44% of adults dread waiting in back to school shopping lines.

43% of teens dread not agreeing with their parents on back-to-school purchases

Most embarrassing thing your parents bought last year for back to school:

  • Dorky clothes, gym clothes or shoes – 50%
    An old cell phone – 20%
    New glasses – 11%
    A rolling backpack – 9%
    Cooler lunchbox – 7%

Things Teens Say That Annoy Parents When Back To School Shopping

  • “I have to have it—literally everyone has one.” – 49%
    “I promise I won’t ask for anything else.” – 45%
    “My teacher told me we need one.” – 42%

Things Parents Say That Annoy Teens When Back To School Shopping

  • “We can’t afford that one. Let’s get this one instead.” – 50%
    “Don’t you already have one of those?” – 44%
    “You don’t have an unlimited budget. Spend it wisely.” – 24%

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