When it comes to restaurants and places to eat in Amarillo, there is certainly no shortage. But how do you know that you are dinning at one of the best places in town? You might look at Google reviews, or Yelp, or even the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews group on Facebook. But there is one service that takes all that data, and more, and compiles it in one place. It's called TopRatedLocal.com. We checked in to see who has the best reviews and overall score in Amarillo. With 2,191 ratings/reviews posted on 8 verified review sites, 575 Pizzeria has an average rating of 4.72 stars. This earns a Rating Score™ of 97.23. In a close second, with a score of 96.48, is Tyler's BBQ.

In Amarillo, there are 167 restaurants registered with the service (which is free to register) and issues each one a Rating Score. According to their website, the "Rating Score™ is calculated by aggregating customer ratings/reviews from verified review sites online and then using a proprietary algorithm which analyzes the business's overall rating, number of reviews, and number of verified review site sources to determine the business's overall Rating Score™. Top Rated Local® then ranks businesses from highest Rating Score™ to lowest."

Have you been to 575? What did you think? What is your other favorites spots to eat in town? Let me know @BradenRadio on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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