I grew up in a small town that no one seemed capable of pronouncing right. It was the small southwestern Oklahoma town of Hobart. It's not pronounced Ho-Bart; it's Ho-Bert. It's not too far from Gotebo.

Here are ten of the most mispronounced Texas town names. People just can't seem to get them right, and spellcheck absolutely hates them.

1. Lazbuddie

Credit: via Google Maps

It's not lazy-bootie, or laz-bootie. Lazbuddie is pronounced Lahz-buh-dee.

2. Waxahachie

Credit: via Google Maps

A friend of mine who lived there used to say, Wax-the-hatchet. The "wax" in Waxahachie is not pronounced the way you reference the museums with statues of famous people in them. The "wax" is pronounced "wox." So it's Wox-uh-hatch-ee.

3. Palestine

Credit: via Google Maps

This isn't pronounced the way you would think. This Texas town is pronounced Pal-ess-steen.

4. Burnet

Credit: via Google Maps

Don't let the simplicity of Burnet fool you. It isn't pronounced the way you probably just heard it in your head. It's actually pronounced Bur-knit, not Bur-net.

5. Manor

Credit: via Google Maps

Another deceptively easy one. This isn't pronounced the same way you pronounce the word for a really big house. It's actually pronounced Main-er. God bless Texas.

6. Iraan

Credit: via Google Maps

Again, it's not pronounced anything like the geographical location it seems to have looked at for inspiration. It's actually pronounced like a first and middle name. Iraan is pronounced Irah-Ann, or I-rah-an.

7. Study Butte

Credit: via Google Maps

No, this has nothing to do with what you do when you go to the beach. No "study butt" here. In fact, you're pronouncing study wrong. It's actually pronounced Stew-dee B-yewt.

8. Jiba

Credit: via Google Maps

Go ahead and figure this one out. I'll wait. Can't figure it out? It's pronounced Hee-buh.

9. Palacios

Credit: via Google Maps

This one really messed with me. I'll spare you the brain melting task of figuring it out. Pronounce this one Puh-lash-iss. Good grief.

10. Gruene

Credit: via Google Maps

Gruene used to be a town, and now is just a "historic district." We all know Gruene Hall. It's there.

For any one unfamiliar with Gruene, you pronounce it Green, like the color, except it has some personality. Also, catch a concert there sometime. You'll love it.

What Texas towns did we miss? Let us know which towns gave you the hardest time when it came to learning how to say it right.

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