Apparently, in Amarillo, we need mascots for everything. By everything, we mean every single thing that can possibly be represented by an anthropomorphic character piloted by an intern.

For instance, did you know that we have mascots for Utility Billing?

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Say Hello To Oga And Llala, The Utility Billing Mascots

The names Oga and Llala come from the aquifer under the Texas panhandle. The Ogallala Aquifer is an important source of water for our region.

As you can see, Utility Billing is a big enough issue that the job requires two mascots.

As You Would Guess, People Are Confused And Angry

Jarring, maybe shocking, is the word I would use to describe my initial reaction to seeing a Utility Billing mascot. That initial burst of emotion soon gave way to pure confusion.

I'm not alone. Just look through the comments on the social media post featuring the two droplets.

Many are confused as to why Utility Billing needs mascots. Are children afraid of Utility Billing? Are they intended to make us feel happier about paying our bills?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Sure, the cost of everything is going up these days. People are having to tighten their belts and pinch pennies.

At least we have these adorable teardrops water droplets to make us feel better about it. After all, who wouldn't want a photo of the kids with these two mascots after dropping off your payment?

It would go perfect between the pictures of Rampage and Ruckus with my little ones.

Let's Be Real For A Minute

These types of mascots aren't anything new. I remember being visited by the electric company's creepy light bulb mascot as a kid. It always showed up at big events and special assemblies.

It was just eyes on a walking light bulb. I still have nightmares.

At least these are cute.

While many claim to be angry, I think we can just call it jealousy. Take another look at those two. Who wouldn't want a pair of those dashing boots?

Some have asked where the money for the outfits came from. I'm sure it came from the City's "Cute And Adorable" fund. Why do people always assume governments are wasting taxpayer money?

No matter how you feel about them, remember that they have feelings too. Those droplets are inhabited by the spirits of people just trying to do a job. Be nice.

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