If you are itching to get out of the house this weekend and take in some local entertainment, you're in luck this weekend in Amarillo. There's everything from the ballet to stand-up comedy to look forward to.

Ballet Meets Rock N Roll

Tonight and tomorrow night (4/16, 4/17), Lone Star Ballet and Dace Academy will be performing Time Steps Rock of the Ages. It features music from the 50s through the 80s. It will be at the Globe Life News Center. Click here for details.

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Six Car Comedy Night

Six Car Pub will be hosting a comedy night on Saturday. Not just any comedy night. It's the return of Roderick McDaniel. Tickets are $10 at the door. It's hosted by Austin the Hooligan featuring Matt Villegas and Shannon Mugrage. It kicks off at 9 PM Saturday. Click here for more info.

Live Music, More Live Music, and Even More Live Music

If you're wanting to take in some live, local music this weekend you have several choices. Marshall's Tavern will be hosting Touching Voodoo and Strange Saints this weekend. Bomb City Groove is going to be at Skooterz. The Band Monarch is going to be out at Smokey Joe's. Big G & The Tradewinds are going to be out at the Drunken Oyster.

There's a lot happening in Amarillo, and by no means is this a comprehensive list. If you have a favorite place to hang out, I recommend checking their social media pages to see what they have planned.

Get out and support our local artists and have some fun.

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