There's a lot of live music lined up for this weekend in Yellow City. With the warmer weather, and the Governor opening up the state, I would wager that we're going to see a lot of live music in the area this summer.

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This weekend you can catch:

Loaded Six at the OCB, tomorrow night.

Mitchell Ford and the Volunteers at Auld Brewing Company tomorrow.

Touching Voodoo at Whiskey River tonight at 10 PM.

A Special Case with The Texas Transplants at Skooterz tomorrow.

Sadies Rangers tonight at 9PM at Crush.

Moon Jelly Music is going to be at the Drunken Oyster tonight from 7:30 PM until 11 PM.

Geezers Gone Wild will be at Polk Street Eats tonight starting at 8 PM.

Honestly, I know that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are places all over town that have stages that sat quiet for way too long last year that are now once again homes for local talent.

If you do plan on going out this weekend, be safe. Don't drink and drive, and be sure to take a mask with you just in case you have to have one to get in. There are some places in town that still require one.

Also, be sure to support local music and the places that give local artists a place to play. A lot of artists saw their income disappear last year. For those who stuck it out and didn't hang it up, thank you. The best thing we could all do is show some support and love to our local artists.

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