One thing that we take for granted when we buy a vehicle is that it's going to be safe. The thinking is, I just spent some cash on a car and it should give me good 100,000 miles. Even Merle Haggard told us a Ford and a Chevy should last this long. and no doubt he probably meant to include Ram which at the time was still using the "Dodge" branding. I know... get to the point Mike, tell me what's up with my truck.

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Ram is issuing a recall for it's Heavy Duty line

Fiat Chrysler is sending out notices to Ram Truck owners for the the 2012 through 2021 model years for the 3500 Heavy Duty truck as well as the 45 and 5500 Chassis trucks. The big deal here is the torque specs on the wheels are too high and could lead to over-tightening which breaks the stud off the hub. Even with 8 studs losing one to this may not seem like a big deal but the added stress on the other 7, especially in a dually setup puts a lot of strain which could cause the others to fail as well and lets face it, having a wheel fall off when you're driving the roads here in the panhandle doesn't sound to thrilling to me.

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Again, this is for the Heavy Duty 3500 series trucks and above, if you happen to have the 3/4 ton or half ton, you're in good shape.

Fiat Chrysler says the wheels where torqued correctly from the factory but the specs in the manual happen to be wrong, so if yours were replaced since you purchased your truck, give the dealer a visit and they will take a look and make sure all is okay, You'll also get something in the mail within the next eight weeks.

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