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I don't know about you, but there are few things in life that I love more than a good yard sale, garage sale, or estate sale. Heck, if you're selling stuff on your property for insanely cheap prices, I'm there. End of story. I love the thrill of a good bargain and the fine art of making a deal.

But sometimes, mistakes are made. Sometimes, things are sold that weren't supposed to be sold....That's a special kind of "oh no" moment.

We've got a crack team here at the station who do a fine job of digging through the nooks and crannies of the Internet to find out what's going on around town. They have a knack for finding quirky, weird, and downright interesting gems, such as this earnest attempt at fixing a big mistake:

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

(Note From the Editor: Hi, this is Sarah, the one-woman "crack team" who digs up good stuff for the DJs to write about. I am 100% emotionally invested in getting these bowls back. These are not just bowls. They are SUPER bowls. They are PYREX BOWLS. They will never break, chip, or die on you in a kitchen. I would fight someone to the death over my Pyrex bowls. Help this person get the bowls back before she gets written out of the will!)

The actual link is to a closed Facebook group. And by the way, if you are running a Buy, Sell or Trade group on Facebook for general items here in town, wouldn't you want that open for more people to see? I'm no business major but in order to have customers you gotta open the doors to the shop... I'm just speaking my mind here.

But in all seriousness, I feel nothing by sympathy for this person.

Estate Sales are already a weird concept for me. I understand what they are and the purpose they serve. If you've ever been to one, then you know how it's set up. There are certain items that are put up for sale, and there are items that are not.

The items that are off-limits are usually removed by the family or whoever is running the estate sale beforehand. But as you can see....sometimes things just get missed and people find themselves in "deep doodoo".

For the sake of this person let's see if we can pull our resources together and help them track down their family heirloom bowls! Spread the word! To you, they may just be bowls.. but to someone they are deeply sentimental treasures.

(NOTE FROM EDITOR: They're more than bowls, Mike. They're PYREX. You, me, fistfight to the death. Tomorrow, after the programming meeting.)

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