Summer may be coming to a close, but these country stars certainly aren't slowing down! Read on to listen to hard partying bangers, instrumental-heavy jams, cathartic break up ballads and much more.

Hootie & the Blowfish, "Rollin'":

Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Rollin’” is a rocking song -- with some definite southern flair -- all about going with the flow. The group’s lead singer, Darius Rucker, opens the track by talking about how sometimes you feel like a king, while other days you feel like the lowest man on the totem pole.

“When we started getting that one going, I was like, 'Man, we're a Southern rock band when we play this.' I loved it,” Rucker tells Billboard. “It's like us trying to play a Black Crowes or Allman Brothers cover. I love the feel of that 'cause we don't do that a lot." “Rollin’” comes from Hootie & the Blowfish’s new album, Imperfect Circle, due out on Nov. 1. -- CC

Kalie Shorr, "F U Forever":

Kalie Shorr doesn't mince words in "F U Forever," the latest release off of her forthcoming album, Open Book. "Looks like my abandonment issues got the best of me again / 'Cause we should've never been together," she sings in the raging chorus. "Now I'm wearing your stupid ring on my pretty little middle finger / So I can say F U forever."

Co-written with Candi Carpenter and Annie Wildgen, "F U Forever" is a brutally honest song within a brutally honest album collection. I’ve never been more excited or more afraid to put out music into the world. I’ve always written from a real place, but these songs are like three minute journal entries," Shorr says in a statement. "Seeing them resonate means more than I even realized it would." -- CL

Florida Georgia Line, "Blessings":

Florida Georgia Line are offering fans a simple reminder in their latest single: Always count your blessings. “Blessings” is a romantic track about falling in love and never taking a moment with your partner for granted. “I can't count 'em on one hand / But, honey, look there on your finger / I'd say I'm a lucky man,” FGL’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard sing. “God made two lovers out of strangers / A little house on a little land / A little creek, a little Jeep / Same old moon everybody sees / It sure ain't hard to count your blessings.” -- CC

Caitlyn Smith, "Put Me Back Together":

After it was previously released by group the Cheat Codes, Caitlyn Smith is laying claim to a song she wrote with Jonny Price, which was inspired by her husband, Rollie Gaalswyk. "Put Me Back Together" is based off Smith’s real-life marriage; in fact, it was because of this special connection that the singer decided to release her own version of the track. “I’m grateful to have found that person who can ease my mind and calm all the noise,” Smith says. -- CC

Aaron Watson, "Country Radio":

Aaron Watson's latest release off new album, Red Bandana, is all about appreciating the ways country radio has affected his home life. Yes, Watson has been blessed enough to hear his own songs being played over the airwaves, but “Country Radio” focuses on the key role the genre played while he was growing up in a loving home. In the song, Watson reflects on watching his parents dance together when he should have been sleeping: “I can still see silhouettes swaying across the wall / Oh no, we didn’t have much / Then again, we had it all / They made that little house a home full of heart and soul / Just like a love song on country radio,” he sings. -- CC

Kelleigh Bannen, "Diamonds": 

Kelleigh Bannen's bluesy new ballad, "Diamonds," takes cues from Marilyn Monroe's famous take on all that glitters. In fact, Bannen tells Billboard that she got the idea for the song while watching Monroe's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

“It got me thinking about ways I could rewrite that idea: An ode to diamonds, but somehow make it about more than just the stone itself,” the singer says. “We spent the day just trying to figure out how to make [‘Diamonds’] both about the bling, but also about the kind of love that makes you wanna put a ring on it." -- CL

Travis Denning, "Heartbeat of a Small Town":

Travis Denning brings little details to life in his new song, "Heartbeat of a Small Town," a rousing, mid-tempo ode to simple, everyday pleasures. The singer co-wrote the track with Rhett Akins and Chris Stevens, and according to a press release, it reminds Denning of the hometown he loves.

"'Heartbeat of a Small Town' is about football, hard work, young love and everything that goes into making a small town tick," the singer explains. "My hometown means so much to me and is a big part of why I love country music, and I think this song is one a lot of people can relate to." -- CL

Billy Strings, "Everything's the Same":

“Everything’s the Same” is the third track that Billy Strings has shared from his upcoming release, Home. In the string-heavy folk track, Strings explains, through a number of situations, that no matter where he ends up, everything will always remain in the same chaotic state. “I'm going to Florida / I'm going to Maine / No matter where I roam, everything's the same,” Strings sings. “I can sketch out a plan / Change my name / No matter where I roam, everything's the same...” -- CC

Lena Stone, "Hotel":

Lena Stone's grooving and playful new single, "Hotel," calls on listeners to let go of there baggage -- both literal and emotional -- and let loose. Filled with wordplay and lyrical winks, the song was co-written by Stone along with Adam Wood.

"I'm so excited to share 'Hotel' as the next single off my upcoming EP," the singer says in a press release. "This song has been a fan favorite in my live shows for the last few years, and I had a blast getting into the studio and recording it!" Stone's project is due out in early 2020. -- CL

Willie Jones, "Bachelorettes on Broadway":

Willie Jones' new song, "Bachelorettes on Broadway," tells a story that will be very familiar to anyone who lives in Nashville. The track portrays a guy who heads into downtown Nashville to grab a drink, only to find himself inundated by throngs of bachelorettes in matching shirts, ready to party all day.

The video accompanying the song takes viewers on a tour through the bars and honky Tonks of Nashville's Lower Broadway, including AJ's Good Time Bar (owned by Alan Jackson), Jason Aldean's Kitchen & Rooftop Bar, Honky Tonk Express and much more. -- CL

Hayley Orrantia, "Nights and Weekends": 

Hayley Orrantia is celebrating the good times with her latest single, "Nights and Weekends." As the song’s title suggests, it’s a song about raising a glass to time off and kicking back to escape the boredom of the work week. “I had so much fun with this song! My EP, The Way Out, had a lot of weight to it … I felt I really needed something to balance all that sadness,” says Orrantia in a press release. “I just wanted to put something out that would make people dance and have a good time, whether that’s joining your friends for a night out at a bar or just dancing around your bedroom in your favorite pajamas.” -- CC

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