My daughter and I spent a lot of time out at Wonderland Park when she was growing up. She absolutely loved riding the rides. All of the rides.

We would spend every Mother's Day together at the park. We also would go to our school nights and sometimes just because. Over the years we have gone to Disneyland, Disney World, Legoland and Six Flags. She is all about the rides.

She will ride any of them. As she got older she got to ride more and more rides. Just like any kid she was thrilled as she got taller and taller. She is not afraid of the Texas Tornado. Not at all she is a thrill seeker. Well for any ride but one. I literally scared my child and scarred her for life.

Since she loved any ride I took her on I never imagined the one ride that would do her in was the Fantastic Journey. I mean I rode that thing many of times. I mean since my days at Canyon Junior High we went and rode that ride. It is quite tame. I never thought she would leave it screaming and crying. I felt so bad. I really did.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

She was good until the very end when the bus was just there with that loud blaring horn. I don't even know if that is part of it anymore. So ever since that day she would not ride a scary ride. No haunted houses at Halloween time. Nope she is over it. She wouldn't do the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

I know the Fantastic Journey has this disclaimer at the beginning.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I knew it could potentially freak her out. I thought this is the girl who isn't afraid of anything. I thought no way. I was SO wrong. I mean even to this day I feel so bad that I did that to her.

Can you imagine how bad I felt when she got to high school and all of her friends made plans to go to haunted houses? She refused to ever go with them. She loves all the scary movies you want but that one time on the Fantastic Journey kept her from ever doing a haunted house. Ever!