There is a "National Day Of..." for every day of the year, for pretty much everything you can imagine. Rarely is it anything that you can get really excited about. This Wednesday, is not one of those days.

This upcoming Wednesday (Aug 12) is National Vinyl Record Day. Recently, I fell back in love with my record collection. I've even added a couple of albums to it.

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When it comes to "celebrating" National Vinyl Record Day, there are a few suggestions out there to help you make the most of the day. Mostly, you're just encouraged to get out your collection and take a listen.

I think instead, we should focus not on our "favorites," but on some of those obscure albums in our collection. Here are three albums that always get the best reactions from friends when they go digging through my collection.

Charlie Hardin

For me, I'd start with Survivor. We all know "Eye Of The Tiger," but not all of us are familiar with the album the song came from. I will say, the song they are best known for is definitely the highlight of the album. Still, people always get a kick out of putting this one on.

Charlie Hardin

I don't care who you are, or what you say; Men At Work's Business As Usual is a killer record. One of my favorites, no one can resist singing along to "Down Under" when it comes on.

Charlie Hardin

The Cheech & Chong Wedding Album is comedy gold. One of my favorite things about letting people dig through my collection of records is seeing their reaction to this one. It usually consists of "No way," or "Oh my god." Next to my George Carlin album, it's one of my favorite pieces of classic comedy.

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