Honest question. How long before Amarillo and Canyon become one? How long before one ends right where the other begins?

It might seem like a silly question, but there's a lot going on south of Amarillo. I still remember when there wasn't much of anything happening on Soncy. Now look at it.

Could the area between Amarillo and Canyon do the same?

McCormick, Lair, Rockwell, And Heading South

When I first moved to Amarillo, the area around McCormick, Lair, and Rockwell was pretty quiet. Sure, you had the rush before and after school at Lakeview. Other than that, the area didn't have a whole lot going on.


That's changed though. There's a lot of construction that has been going on, and is just getting started.

There's housing developments went up. Entire neighborhoods are springing up.

Plus, you have all the work being done on South Coulter.

More Businesses Are Rumored To Be Heading Out That Way

I was excited when The Station opened. I still stop there at least once a day. Having a gas station on my way to work is nice.

Then came Cefco, and with it...a Sonic.

Green Chile Willy's used to be pretty much the only option, unless I wanted to drive all the way back into Amarillo or Canyon.

I've heard rumors of grocery stores going in out there. I haven't been able to confirm any of those rumors, but with all of the dirt work that's been going on it wouldn't surprise me.

I miss the days when there wasn't much traffic. I miss looking at the sky at night, and my view of the stars not being interrupted by lights from a parking lot.

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