The rain has been incredible for the area but it has definitely come with some unwelcome guests.

It is only 6 months into the year and we are already set to beat the crazy rain record we had in 2015. The Environmental Health for the city of Amarillo is anticipating for mosquito season to be just as intense as the rain.

On one end of the scale, Mosquitoes can carry very dangerous diseases, on the other side, they are just extremely annoying. Here are some tips to help keep the bites away this Summer!

  • 1

    Wear The Right Clothing

    If planning outdoor activities in the Summer months, be sure to wear light layers or loosely fitting clothing to help prevent bites.

  • 2

    No Standing Water

    Be sure to pour out and standing water around your home. Water buckets, cups, fountains, etc. Still water will always attract mosquitoes.

  • 3

    Essential Oils

    Defusing lemon and eucalyptus oils in your home can help fight off mosquitos.

  • 4

    Stay Cool

    Sweating can attract mosquitoes so try and stay as dry and cool as you can this Summer.

  • 5

    Avoid Flowery Perfumes

    Ditch the sents for the Summer. Mosquitos are attracted to perfumes.

  • 6

    Spray your clothing

    Before going out, spray your clothing from head to toe with Off before putting them on to have a more even coverage.

  • 7

    Thanks to The City of Amarillo

    Big thanks to the City of Amarillo! As a protective measure, they have been spraying extra mosquito repellent.

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