Earlier today, the Mayor issued an order for citizens to shelter in place. The order closes all "non-essential" businesses, which unfortunately means no hair cuts.

Here are some guides to help you cut your mop while sheltering in place.

For The Fellas

This tutorial was pretty helpful, and gave me a little confidence. If you're looking for more than just a buzz cut, this guy will help explain the ways to get there.

For The Ladies

I'm pretty sure most women already know where to find this info if they need it. My wife follows plenty of ladies online who are always doing beauty tutorials. In the spirit of equality, I have decided to go ahead and include the most viewed tutorial I could find with a quick search.

For A Laugh

If you're down for the most surfer-bro way to do a bowl cut ever, check out this tutorial. It's one of my favorite tutorial videos on the internet, and it's great for a laugh.

More Resources

Another spot you can check out for guides, tips, and to connect with other people who are giving themselves haircuts from home is Reddit. Check out r/CutYourOwnHair.

Of course, you can always check out wikiHow for a guide to cutting your own hair. Plus, wikiHow has an article for just about anything you can imagine. So after you cut your own hair, maybe you can pick up a new hobby or learn some new recipes.

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