Let's face it sometimes we get stuck with a job that we just don't like. There are plenty of reasons that the fairy tale turns into a nightmare and I've seen my fair share of bad managers, stupid corporate policy that made no sense and work conditions that made 3rd world nations look good by comparison. Or Maybe you just don't get paid enough to deal with the drama that comes with the job. It's a no win and if you gotta get out, you gotta get out.

Quitting with Style

Here's how to do it with style... Lexi must have had a rough time at her job over at the Dollar Store (names held to protect the innocent) because she was nice enough to leave her job at the end of the shift because Liz had done her over for the last time. To her credit though she did leave the keys behind after exiting the one way back door. which tells me she was in some sort of management position with the company. Kudos on her for not having to make the awkward trip back to return them on the exit interview. And just so we know she quit... she left a note on the door sealing the deal, which one frustrated customer who just wanted a candy bar and none of the drama that comes with it found.


Going Legit

I'm all about walking off when someone truly deserves it, after all when you look for that next job the only thing legally your previous employer has to confirm to your next (hopefully better) boss is that you indeed worked there. Now if you want to go legit, there is a much better way. At least put in the two weeks notice, file the grievance so it's on the record. I've seen enough employees quit once where the folks above the local management took notice and figured out the issue was not the employees but the manager in place.

Getting your two weeks in also may be your get out of jail free card too. There are some bosses who will make you serve it out and others who will simply let you go to save face, After all how many of us really served out our two weeks before checking out mentally.

I'll say this at least according to the numbers, Lexi may not have a hard time finding a job right now in Amarillo and hopefully will be back on her feet soon. There are plenty of places looking to hire here in Bomb City

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