The 2021-2022 hunting season in the Texas Panhandle is just around the corner but before I give y'all the dates here are some general guidelines to keep in mind.

General Guidelines

I know some of these guidelines that I'm about to list are gonna seem like common sense. But because there isn't a lot of common sense going around these days I'll rather be safe and go over them rather quickly so we are all on the same page. Because it only takes one bad apple to go out to ruin it for everyone.

  1. Don't shoot deer from your truck.
  2. Don't use a homemade tree stand
  3. Always wear blaze orange
  4. Don't shoot at movement
  5. Follow the 4 C's - Careful, Courteous, Considerate, Capable
Someone Holding a Compound Hunting Bow
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Pronghorn season season starts October 2nd-17th 2021 but can only be hunted by permit only. And you can only get the permit if you have huntable populations in your area. You can check if your area has permits for pronghorns here.

Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a fatal disease that has been discovered in white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, and red deer. To help manage CWD Texas parks and wildlife has designated CWD zones. And any animal harvested in the CWD zones are required to bring their animal to a Texas parks and wildlife check point within 48 hours for inspection. The CWD zones for the panhandle are the following counties - Dallam, Sherman, Hartley, Moore, Potter, Randall, Deaf Smith, and Parmer. The check stations are in Dalhart and Vega. To learn more about CWD click here.

Mule Deer

Mule deer archery season starts October 2nd- November 5th 2021 except for the southwest panhandle which is Parmer, and Swisher Counties.

General season

  • Panhandle November 20th - December 5th 2021
  • Southwest Panhandle November 20th-28th 2021

There is also a special antler restriction for mule deer buck in Briscoe, Childress, Cottle, Floyd, Hall, Lynn, and Motley Counties. The restriction is any buck with a outside spread of the main beam of 20 inches or greater is legal. Any buck with a outside spread of the main beams less then 20 inches or with at least one unbranched antler is not legal. The average ear tip to ear tip spread of a mule deer in the alert position is 21 inches. Remember bag limits are set by the county. You can see what the bag limit for mule deer is here.

Hunting rifle and ammunition on a dark wooden background.Top view.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed archery season starts October 2nd- November 5th 2021

General season

  • North Zone November 6th 2021 - January 2nd 2022

Remember bag limits are set by the county. You can see what the bag limit for white-tailed deer is here.

Now that we have the dates and general guidelines let's get out there and start hunting.

Wildlife of the Texas Panhandle

The Texas Panhandle is filled to the brim with wonderful species of wildlife. Here are some of the incredible animals that share their home with us.

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