Just type the words "Splash" and "Pad" into the Google search bar. Press enter, and prepare to be amazed at the number of splash pads listed in Amarillo.

We have several. Almost every park in town is now equipped with a splash pad. If the park nearest you isn't, don't worry, there's going to be one nearby.

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The search listed the El Alamo splash pad, the Memorial splash pad, the Medi Park splash pad, Bones Hooks splash pad, Southlawn splash pad, to list a few. Here's a link to the search so that you can see for yourself. Plus, it maps out where everything is.

We have a tour of homes in Amarillo. We have tours of all the light displays around the holidays. I think it is beyond time that we come up with a splash pad tour in Amarillo.

Just load up a bunch of families on some kind of miniature bus, and take them to see all of the splash pads in town.

There's just so many, and it seems like new ones are always popping up. One summer you're bummed because you have to drive across town. The next summer there's a splash down just down the street.

My family prefers the splash pad at Medi Park. It's nice, and the playground next to it is one of my kids' favorite playgrounds in Amarillo.

The only problem with that one is that it does tend to get a bit crowded if you don't get out there early enough.

If you're looking for the kids to cool off this summer, go with the splash pads.

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