Have you ever been using an app, and it shows your location as Zita, TX? It's happened to me and several friends of mine. I figured out why my phone shows its in Zita, TX.

Zita, TX Was An Actual Town

A long time ago, there actually was a town in the panhandle named Zita. Zita was, is, an unincorporated community located right here in Randall County. I was able to find real estate listings, and it shows up on the list of populated places.

So where exactly is it, and why does your phone show it as your location when you're in Amarillo?


Zita Is Actually On The Loop

When you look up Zita on Google, the pin sits right off of the loop. It rests in the area between S. Washington and S. Osage just south of E. Farmers Ave.

Technically, when you're on the loop in that area, you're passing through Zita, TX.

What Happened To Zita

Zita came to exist thanks to the railway in the area. It started out as a station for the Santa Fe and Panhandle railway. Eventually, a little community sprung up with the addition of a school building nearby.

In 1907, it got its own post office. Unfortunately, that post office closed five years later.

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

It Couldn't Keep Up With Amarillo and Canyon

The school would pull double duty as a community center. The eventual "end" of the community came about due to Canyon Independent School District consolidating. The school building and community center combo was demolished.

As Amarillo continued to expand, the small community of Zita got absorbed.

The 1949 tornado that ripped through parts of Amarillo hit the Zita area as well.

If you search for real estate listings in Zita, TX you'll get results for The Meadows in Amarillo. Facebook lists Zita as a subcity.

When You're Phone Says You're In Zita, TX, It's Because You Are

So the next time your phone shows your location as being in Zita, TX; there's a good chance you are. You haven't been hacked. You're just passing through a bit of panhandle history.

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