I worked for years in the restaurant business. You see those dreaded one tops all the time. As a server you think, "oh great, not going to be much of a tip."  That really is not always the case I have learned.

So I have witnessed this from the servers end. What about the customer? Do you enjoy going out to eat by yourself. Some people really do. I have tried it a time or two. I love to go out to eat but since my daughter moved to Dallas I don't go out to eat a lot.

Who Likes to Eat Alone?

OK....I have never been a fan of eating out at a restaurant by myself? I always felt awkward. I love my time to myself just not inside a restaurant. I know I can go sit at the bar. That is one of the areas that it really doesn't seem as awkward.

I think, though, that the age of the cellphone has made sitting at a table by yourself a bit easier. You can sit there and play on Facebook the whole time or check your email. Heck you can Facetime with family to have someone to talk to, I guess.

I don't have a lot of free time to enjoy time out that I can actually make plans. So here I am when I feel the need for food my options are to get take-out or eat alone. Sometimes just getting out and around other people, at your table or not, is just what you need.

I have decided that as long as I have a fully charged phone I think going out to eat alone is ok. That or a good book. Heck the phone is just easier.

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