When people are considerate enough to protest, it's nice to offer them a refreshing hand.

In the most professional way possible, Imperial Taproom handled their protesters Saturday with kind words. Even the locals in Amarillo and Canyon chimed in too!

[UPDATE 4:00 pm] Imperial Taproom commented saying:

We are currently working on opening [two] more restaurants on the square in Canyon that will serve alcohol. The protest was likely in response to the anticipated opening of "Recreation" and "Barrel and Pie"

While we don't know the full story yet, we did notice in the comments that the protesters were against the service of alcohol. We do not know where the protesters are from, but Imperial Taproom handled the situation with welcoming arms.

Hey y'all! It's a beautiful day outside for activities! After you are done enjoying the weather, come in and enjoy dinner and some wonderful beer!


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Check out their Facebook post below. What are your thoughts?


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