The big shopping weekend is approaching.  No, I’m not talking about Black Friday.  I’m talking about Texas’s Tax Free Weekend!  After doing some hardcore thinking, is the actual savings worth fighting the crowd?

Every year there is one weekend set aside for back to school shopping.  This weekend is that weekend.  I’m talking about Texas’s Tax Free Weekend.  The Mall and other department stores will be filled with customers trying to save some money.  But how much money are you actually saving?

Sales tax is 8% of your total.  So in order to save $8 you would have to spend $100.  It doesn’t really sound like a whole lot of savings does it?  Ok now picture this weekend.  The Westgate Mall, Target, Khols and other department stores have already been prepping for the enormous amount of traffic they are going to see.

I hate fighting crowd and waiting in lines.  Most of my shopping is done online.  So the thought of saving $8 per $100 spent doesn’t appeal to me.  I’d rather spend the extra 8 bucks then to fight for a blouse or jeans.

On the other hand, the economy isn’t in the best shape.  People are trying to save in every way possible.  So $8 is $8.  That could feed a family one whole meal.  And if you have multiple kids and are planning to spend hundreds of dollars, it does add up.

Do you think not having to pay taxes is worth fighting the crowds?

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