It’s hardly been two days since Taylor Swift dropped her newest single, ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together,’ on us, but already the tune is breaking records. In a record-setting 50-minutes, Swift’s newest radio gold single had already hit No. 1 on iTunes, besting Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ for the fastest-selling single in iTunes history.

The 22-year-old country star sampled her latest offering on a silver platter during a live web chat event on Monday evening (Aug. 13), plopping it onto iTunes shortly after. While some diehard country fans have complained that the song isn’t quite twangy enough, that hasn’t stopped the single from selling like virtual hotcakes. ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ is the first single from Swift’s upcoming album, ‘Red,’ which will debut on Oct. 22.

During the web chat event, Swift spilled that she chose a whopping 16 tracks for the 2012 album a pool of 30 to 35 songs. Looking to go a different direction than ‘Speak Now’ — which she wrote entirely by herself — this time around, the award-winning singer turned to her favorite songwriters for help.

Of those 35 or so tracks, we can see why ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ was Swift’s choice for the album’s lead single. The upbeat power anthem smothered with girl-strong lyrics about finally ditching a wishy-washy ex-boyfriend will obviously appeal to hordes of Swift’s (mostly female) fans.

Once again, the country starlet’s devoted fans have helped her break a new record. We can only imagine what that means for the ‘Red’ album!

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