It looks as though Kelly Clarkson is easing into domestic bliss with boyfriend Brandon Blackstock like a pro, revealing recently that the two even own a dog together — a German Shepherd puppy named Bear. With many of the downfalls of past flames chronicled in her man-bashing catalog, an exuberant Clarkson seems rather optimistic about her current beau.

“One of my favorite things is we’re both in the business,” the ‘Mr. Know It All’ singer tells People of Blackstock, who is Blake Shelton‘s manager at Reba McEntire‘s Nashville-based Starstruck Management. “He gets my job and he gets how busy it can get, and he gets the sacrifices that we both have to make with our jobs.”

“We’re very super real — like, what you see is what you get,” says the 30-year-old singer. “So I don’t think we’re cool enough to have something super surprising [about us].”

Though they share an appreciation for the demands of the music industry, it is unclear if Blackstock shares an affinity for Clarkson’s beloved Dallas Cowboys, being that he is from Tennessee. Clarkson, a Texas native, admits that she takes her hometown team very seriously. The singer has even recorded a self-penned anthem for the team in collaboration with the NFL and Pepsi.

“I always go to games,” the former ‘American Idol’ says of the upcoming football season. ”I usually have my [running back] Emmitt Smith jersey on because I go old-school, and he’s my favorite.”

Joint Cowboys fans or not, it’s clear that Clarkson has never been more comfortable in her personal life. ”I think as you get old though, too, you just get less worried about the little stuff that doesn’t matter and you focus more on the bigger picture,” says the singer.

She gushes, “And, you know, I’m also in love.”


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