The City of Amarillo has kicked off the centennial celebration for this lovely town. This is supposed to be a happy time for our community... right? But instead has started out on a sour note... a really sour note!

The city has unveiled the new centennial logo for Amarillo, and it seems like the only ones who are exited about it are the ones who put in a helping hand to design it. As for the rest of the city it is embarrassing, some saying it doesn't represent Amarillo in any way. And on top of that... the logo could possibly have been ripped off from a Middle eastern company.

But your thinking how could that be possible? How could a town in good ole' West Texas copy a logo from somewhere else and claim it there own? Now with that being said there is no proof that the designers have stolen this logo, that wouldn't be smart since it was copy righted back in 2006 to EMAAR Properties PJSC.

Connect Amarillo
Connect Amarillo

According to the EMAAR website it is "a Dubai-based Public Joint Stock Company listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is a global property developer and provider of premier lifestyles."

To me there is only 3 logical explanations to this horrible mishap:
1.The designers ripped this logo off
2.The designers also made the EMAAR logo
3. Or somehow, someway, Amarillo has a connection with the Middle East, and a property development company of 'premier lifestyles'.

Or quite possibly... maybe... just maybe the logo was merely a coincidence? And that is exactly what is being said by the City of Amarillo. They told the AGN: “We had several different designs submitted by different people involved in the branding process,” she said. “Based on the feedback that we received in those projects, in-house we designed a logo that we’re very proud of … Even though we vetted it in-house to make sure that it did not exist out there, somehow it slipped through the cracks and it was brought to our attention (Monday) by someone else in our IT (department).” - said city spokesperson Sonja Gross

What do you think about the whole situation? I honestly hope it get resolved quickly and quietly, and by quietly I hope there is nothing more that comes out of it. I love my city, but why can't we ever do something the right way the first time?

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