Just when we thought a phone scam from earlier this year was finally gone, it's back!

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by a citizen who received a phone call on Saturday from a person who identified themselves as Lieutenant Carl Johnson of the Randall County Sheriff’s Office.  The imposter told the man that he had missed a subpoena to court or a summons for jury duty. The scammer told the caller that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.  The caller said he was offered an easy payment plan to remedy this matter.

The scammer was able to "spoof" a local phone number that came up BSA on the caller ID. Luckily the victim recognized the scam and hung up!

The sheriff's office would like to remind everyone that they will NEVER call a citizen to collect money, especially to pay off a warrant. If you receive one of these calls, simply hang up.  Do not call law enforcement if you receive one of these calls.  If there is a monetary loss, law enforcement may take a fraud report from you but there is little they can do about this since these calls come from all over the world.  If you don’t recognize a number on your caller ID, let your voice mail take the call.  Then you can decide if you want call them back if a message is left.

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